Business and Commercial Law

Experienced Business and Commercial Law Attorneys

As a full-service firm, we practice in all areas of civil litigation and transactional law. Our experienced business and commercial law attorneys provide complete legal counsel for businesses in all phases: start-ups and wind-ups, purchases and sales, transactions, contracts, and dispute resolution.

Our Business Management Solutions

Our team of lawyers assists companies with daily management and administration, including employment matters. Other related legal services include:

  • Starting, Buying, or Selling a Business
  • Establishing or Modifying Entity Forms and Business Structures
  • Transactions and Corporate Governance
  • Workplace Documentations
  • Transactions, Contracts and Negotiations
  • Leasing and Landlord Relations

Legal Assistance on Financial Matters

We also represent businesses through thick and thin in various financial concerns.

We represent clients and assist with:

  • Securing Financing
  • Financial Workouts
  • Debt Collections for Creditors
  • Debt Representation for Debtors

Handling Business Lawsuits and More

Our practice covers business litigation including internal and external disputes. Forums covered include local boards and commissions, state or federal agencies, arbitration agencies, and appeals, and all courts.  We litigate contract, quasi-contract, fraud, misrepresentation and other torts.

Business and commercial law and lawyer serving Bay Area, CA

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